God's Promise

Thursday’s Scripture at Eucharist comes straight from the Prophet Ezechiel. It was my favorite passage from him.

Ezechiel writes about new life using the image of dead bones rising with new flesh, new energy and new purpose. He is speaking to the Israelites who have been beaten down into Exile. Ezechiel speaks for the Lord and proclaims a new life is coming to God’s People.

It is all about God’s Promise as proclaimed through Ezechiel: “I will give you a new heart, a new spirit.”

Isn’t it a great Promise to us? God brings new life, new skin on old bones, new energy and a new Spirit. It takes looking with eyes of faith to see the positive in life and the upside of the challenges life brings. That is the crux of faith – to believe in a new Spirit and a new Life – even when the challenges may be overwhelming.

Discernment is about seeing with God how your life is unfolding. When reflecting, praying and pondering on a new energy – like joining a religious community – The Promise is with you.

Discernment is about believing in The Promise clearly presented by Ezechiel. Following God’s Path will “grant you a new spirit, a new life.” The Promise comes around repeatedly in life when we are centered on God and on following God’s lead.

Talk about energy – the Olympics are incredible in energy. What we can do with our bodies, with discipline, with such an intense focus on a goal – that is a sample of God’s creative power exploding.

How focused are you on The Promise?