In the Classroom with Sister Stefanie

Annie and Rachel are trying to suppress giggles as they race walk down the hallway, toward their guest. They compose themselves at the last minute. This is a serious matter, after all. As representatives of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy’s preschool class, they wish to convey a little dignity.

The girls plant themselves in front of their visitor and look up at her intently. The visitor breaks the silence. “Are you here to take me to Sister Stefanie’s class?”

They giggle and nod, turn and lead the way, picking up speed again. They’re in a hurry: Annie is leader today and must begin leading. She nabs her pointer as she enters the classroom and rushes up to the Smart Board.

Welcome to Sister Stefanie MacDonald’s four-year-old preschool class. A bit of happy chaos mixes with a liberal dose of joyful noise here to create a party-like atmosphere, even when the children are paying attention and, ahem, learning.

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