Day #5: Where does Jesus fit in?

sunrise-for-blogBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

In every age we need to rediscover Jesus. Who is this person who so changed those he lived with that his legacy changed the course of human history?

The Incarnation

First, if God is in all – sun, moon, river, creatures – then where is God not? The entire created matter of the universe is incarnate. Jesus did his best to help us see this.

The universe is both incarnational and sacramental. The Spirit has been here since the beginning. Nothing comes from outside, but is a “flaring forth” of Spirit.

Human beings are God’s self communication. Jesus understood and accepted this. He radiated his acceptance of it, showing us the way to respond.

As theologian and scientist Ilia Delio says, “Big Bang Two is God exploding now in human history and giving an explicit direction to the whole course of evolution in Jesus Christ.”

So, do we really need a savior?

Yes! Jesus guides us to accept and embrace the Divine within. We can’t save ourselves by ourselves. Jesus is the one who shows us how to live in the divine presence.

His Death and Resurrection

Jesus didn’t come to show us how to die, but how to live. He concerned himself with the body, healing with food and wine, his own spittle. He healed the outcast and the poor.

He showed us how to receive Divine Radiance in a way that transformed those around him.

Jesus put himself in harm’s way to heal those in need. He modeled how to make broken things – people, relationships – whole. It’s the call of Christianity today.

Jesus becomes the human face of God for us. The Resurrection is an event of transformation. Indeed, Jesus and his community were utterly transformed forever.

Something new emerged from the chaos and death of Jesus’ death.

Today, through human beings, the earth receives the self communication of God. Jesus is our model. In Jesus, earth becomes aware of her divinity. Jesus shows us how to live, so that the reign of God can be manifest in the world.

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