The Gift of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit

two-preschool-girls-sharingAs we approach Pentecost, I’m reminded of my 6th grade religion class. We had to memorize the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Today I’m more interested in what the gifts mean than their exact wording.

Wisdom is a wonderful gift. Pope Francis says, “The Holy Spirit gifts us wisdom which is seeing with God’s eyes, listening with God’s ears, loving with God’s heart….”

Another way to say it is to quote St. Benedict when he urges us to welcome all as Christ.

It’s an important point. Despite our best intentions, our plans to see Jesus in everyone can easily be derailed by hurt feelings, anger or mistrust. How much do you want to show love to someone you think has deliberately done something to hurt you?

Yet that’s what we’re called to do … no matter what.

Your best friend never calls you anymore? Your sister told your brother that you are becoming inconsiderate? Your coworker lied to your boss that you were responsible for an error when it was actually she?

Happens all the time … especially with the people who are closest to us.

We are called to forgive, and love. This is wisdom.

As Pentecost approaches, consider what will you do with your gift of Wisdom. Will you continue to give those who have hurt you the cold shoulder? Or will you treat them with love, dignity, respect and compassion … as Christ?

Will you let Wisdom teach you to see, hear and love the world as God does?

One thought on “The Gift of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit

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