Called to Pray Together? Find Out with a Few Good Clues!

Benedictine-Sisters-Jackie-Walsh-Claudia-Scharf-Catherine-Cleary-Susan-Hutchens-(piano)-Stefanie-MacDonald-at-LaudsFor those in monastic religious life, prayer practices take on both communal and private significance.

For instance, Benedictine Sisters pray together daily during Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist.

Lectio Divina (Holy Reading) can be prayed with others and privately. Other private prayers include everything from Centering Prayer to the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary.

The prayer practices of a community give you clues about which type of community – monastic or apostolic – you are called to.

A good resource for your discernment – if you want to stay in the Midwest – is the Midwest Vocation Match. Take the little quiz to see where you might belong!

And contact Sister Stefanie at She’s been in your shoes … and will happily share everything she knows!!!

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