The Season of Hope

magnolia-budEditor’s note: When we created our new website and blogs, we lost some important information, including the authors of our oldest posts. From time to time, we will repost them as authorless but heartfelt messages from the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery.

How often, this time of year, we hear people exclaim ‘isn’t it great winter is done and the buds are showing?’ It is almost like a common hello. Perhaps we ought to be saying ‘isn’t it great the Passion is over and Resurrection brings hope?’ I like to say that we are entering the Season of Hope.

The dramatic days of the Triduum and the unbelievable resurrection shows us that no matter what our human experience there is Hope that God remains with us to give us whatever we need to live through the experience.

I wish I could say Hope removed all pain and suffering and made all things right. I do believe in miracles and I do believe Hope means we are never alone and never forgotten in our hardships. Although Jesus preferred to ‘have this cup pass by,’ he did have to experience the pain of death. The Hope we know is that it didn’t end with the pain or the death. God stood with Him and welcomed Jesus into a new Life.

The challenge is to believe in Hope even when the days are painful. It takes enormous faith to live in Hope. We may overcome the pain and continue to live a full life or we may die and know the real Life with God. Either way God takes care of us and Jesus walks with us. Either way our lives are transformed with a new way of living in faith.

The Resurrection reminds us that we can live in Hope. We can keep the faith. We will have new Life.

2 thoughts on “The Season of Hope

  1. That’s so true. Rmembering it was this time last year was when I had finished going through RCIA and was fully a part of the Catholic Church. It was within a few weeks my mom received news of having cancer and then the passing of my grandma. It is with a combination of great joy and sadness that Easter is be celebrated this year. Remembering that I am never alone.


  2. You are so right, Pam. Easter Season does help us recognize Hope when life throws us hardballs. We may struggle, mourn and be stressed – however, we are never alone and can find strength in the Risen Jesus.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


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