Got Doubts? Join the Club.

hazleton-ted-talkBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

This TED Talk can be listened to on many levels. For Lent, it led me to consider the role of doubt in faith … my faith, your faith, all humanity’s faith.

Lesley Hazleton – biographer of Muhammad and author of books on the Bible – highlights Muhammad’s doubt as she begins her discussion of our need to embrace it. She says, “Doubt is essential to faith … it’s the heart of the matter … without it we are left with absolute heartless conviction.”

Further, she says, “Faith is a continual questioning, wrestling.”

I agree. Doubt leads ultimately to faith as we get pitched about by our hopes and fears. We learn the value of trust.

I am often asked, How did you know you were called to be a Catholic Sister? How did you know the Benedictine St. Mary Monastery was the right place?

It began as a feeling. A whisper. I questioned it. I ran from it. I argued with it. But eventually, I found I had to say it out loud, talk about it. I had to contact communities of Catholic Sisters.

I had to take that leap, doubts and all.

Watch this wonderful video. How does it speak to you?

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