Christmas Blessings to You

katie-trimming-treeBy Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

Our Advent’s renewal of prayer, quiet time and care for others, prepares us to enter into the joy and festivities of Christmas.

The mystery of God’s becoming human with us and for us continues to draw us out of our everyday sameness. Today!

Today’s theologians call this feast a deep Incarnation. They remind us that that the Word of God, Jesus Christ, becomes united not only with us spiritually but with all living creatures and with “the cosmic dust of which they are composed.”

This new awareness of the Incarnation draws us out of our daily sameness, out of our fears, hesitations and self-doubts because we begin to understand that Jesus not only came to share our humanity but also to share his divinity with us.

If Jesus was fully human, we too can set our minds on becoming fully who we are meant to be! And further, we can celebrate the fact of unimaginable intimacy with God.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones this Christmas season. Know you are in our prayers.

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