Silence Leads to What We’re Waiting For

bench-in-snow-for-fbBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

We all talk a lot about waiting during Advent. We might know – more or less – what we are waiting for and why. But do we know how to wait?

One way is to cultivate silence in our lives.

The silence we look for and create doesn’t have to be in a brick-and-mortar church. It doesn’t have to be formal, as in Centering Prayer or another meditative practice.

It can be created in our cars, as we choose to turn off the radio and listen to … nothing. It can be in the library, where we linger a few minutes after dropping off our books. It can be on a run or walk with no headphones. Or, as someone suggested last week, it can be seeking a quiet place during our work break – outdoors, perhaps, or in the empty mail room – to be with God, rather than chatting in the break room.

Silence is a practice, and an important one.

During Advent, let’s try to push our to-do lists out of our minds for a few moments, so we can rest in the silence and presence of God. Why? Because when we spend time with God within, it’s easier to see God without. And that’s what we’re waiting for.

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