In Discernment, Avoid Haste … and Procrastination

Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

The following excerpt comes from the excellent book, “Catholics on Call.”

The quote below is from Bishop Robert Morneau, who is quoted heavily in the book.

There comes a time in the process of discernment when we have to make the best decision that we can, according to the lights that we have been given.

The excerpt continues: “In his wise and helpful discussion of principles of discernment, Bishop Morneau strikes a subtle balance on the question of timing. He counsels his readers to avoid both haste and procrastination. After we have weighed the various options that are available in a context of prayer and dialogue with others, there does come a point when we need to risk a decision.

“We make such decisions in faith, without the 100 percent certitude that we would like to have. We choose according to the lights that we have been given. There is always risk, but we can take this risk with trust in a faithful God who knows better than we do that we are limited and fallible creatures who are trying to make the best possible decision.” – Catholics on Call

An online retreat based on Morneau’s article, “The Art of Discernment,” will give you many wonderful insights … and may spur some decision making for you. (The retreat comes from the Catholics on Call program.)

I look forward to talking with you anytime!

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