Listening with renewed vigor on Pentecost

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Today is the feast of Pentecost. What does that mean? As Father Karl Rahner wrote, “God is ours…he has given us His whole being without reserve; He has given us the clarity of His knowledge, the freedom of His love and the bliss of His Trinitarian life. He has given us Himself. And His name is Holy Spirit. He is ours … God is our God: that is the glad tidings of Pentecost.”

If God is ours and has given God’s whole being to us, what does it mean? What should we do?

We hear that God expects nothing in return, which is comforting but not an answer.

Think how much we expect from God. Should we not give back? Should we not live our lives as we are called?

How? First, we must make time for prayer to nourish our souls. We must listen to God.

We must also act. We are called to be a living presence and example of God to the world around us. We are called to show others – by our example – that we are followers of Christ.

Finally, we are called to answer God’s call to our vocation … even if that means choosing a path that is not worldly, but quite the opposite. What are you called to do? You’ll never hear if you don’t listen. Make the time to listen anew, beginning today, on Pentecost.

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