Preparing for the Lord: A Final Thought

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

A few days ago, Sister Sandra spoke to us about Advent coming to an end.

Christmas is popping up around the house, she noted. Christmas trees are being hauled into place, decorated and lighted. Nativity sets are filling the Welcome Area, the Heritage Area, bedrooms, offices – wherever you look! Wrapping paper and ribbons and bows spill out of boxes. The chapel has been transformed.

Beautiful, all. But, Sister Sandra warned, we mustn’t get so caught up in the busyness of Christmas that we cease the preparation of our own souls for the Lord’s coming.

Her words made me think of something I read recently in “Give Us this Day.” That is, in our rush to prepare for the day, the inner silence we so desire is compromised. Rather, “our emotions are upset and our thoughts tend to run off.”

I think we do need to slow down and not run to fast for we trip and fall.

We need to take time to sit in silence with our Lord over this Christmas season.

Let’s take the time we need and desire to reflect on Jesus’ birth and the greatest gift God has ever given us. Let’s not lose that inner silence!

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