Walking in the Light of the Lord

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Advent is a time of wonder. We hear in the readings about going from darkness into light. We hear about waiting in joyful hope. We hear about the coming of something new.

We also hear about how Christmas is starting earlier and earlier and how we are losing Advent. Bah.

Last weekend my home parish priest, Fr. Alan Dietzenbach, said: “If you think about it, all those events that we see as obstacles to Advent are really opportunities for grace. All those activities are opportunities to share with others how the light of Christ has enlightened our lives. All of it – the concerts, parties, get togethers – are all opportunities to walk in the light of the Lord.”

Wow! That’s what I think!

So many times we hear or get the feeling we are not to set up the Christmas tree or go to that Christmas concert or party because then we are not keeping Advent.

It’s wonderful – and so much more positive – to realize that we can be Advent. We can be that light to share with others. We can be that sign of Christ that dispels the darkness.

This Advent, let’s not worry about losing Advent. Let’s walk in the light of the Lord … and be Advent for all.

One thought on “Walking in the Light of the Lord

  1. Amen! Thank you for sharing this insight.


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