Letting go to hold on

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

As of Monday morning our dear Sister Cabrini passed away and is now with the angels in heaven.

Insights from The Road to Eternal Life by Michael Casey are helping me. (I know some of you are thinking will she ever finish that book – but Wow! The thoughts and ideas are wonderful and I am drinking it in).

Michael says, “First comes attachment and only then detachment, not the other way round.” This is so very true.

I have formed attachments (relationships) with these wonderful and beautiful monastic women. They sustain me.

But I am reminded that when a Sister passes away I must let go. I must detach from the physical person as she moves on to her new life.

I already miss Sr. Cabrini greatly. I miss her smile, hugs and wisdom. I miss seeing her tend to the chapel. But I know that she is still with me in a new and different way.

So, do I regret my earthly attachment? Absolutely not … although the pain is real. Without that love and esteem, I may not be as aware that she is with me now. Detachment teaches us to let go … so we can hold on to something new.

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