Upgrading our Lives

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“‘My eyes will be upon you and my ears [will be attentive] to your prayer.’ … The message is crystal clear. To the extent that, by God’s Grace, we upgrade our lives, God come closer to us.”

I must say I love that Michael Casey used the word upgrade. We use it to describe our new homes, our new cars, our new phones. What about our lives?

Through prayer we upgrade our lives. That is, when we live a prayerful life, we live in the presence of God. And when we live in the presence of God, we live better lives.


In prayer – in relationship – we realize that God is always with us and that we are never alone. That God is with us during the difficult times as well as the good and blessed times. That as we attend to God, God will lead us to places, people and activities we never imagined.

The most dramatic example in my own life is when I was led to the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery. I also was led to Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy where I now teach in the most wonderful preschool imaginable! Every day I am led to something new, including the marketing committee I formed for the school.

God has graced me in my life … given me many upgrades. These upgrades are available to us all. We need only be present, and listen.

If you would like to chat about any of this – or hear more about my Benedictine community – email me at smacdonald@smmsisters.org. I look forward to helping any way I can!!

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