Not letting routine dull our realities


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Routine and habit can so control our lives that our perception of ultimate realities can become dull. We can miss important moments when we don’t expect them. We can miss clues … to problems … to questions … to opportunities to change our lives.

To some extent, we all crave routine. I have taught young children for 15 years now and can confirm their need for routine. I can also confirm my own need for routine: as a former single woman, I sank into a routine that didn’t vary much from day to day.

Although I certainly broke all my habits (so to speak) by entering the monastery, I found the Benedictine Sisters, too, love and need routine. (We pray the Liturgy of the Office together every day, no matter what; we eat our meals together at the prescribed times; we have schola practice; we have community night: you get the idea!)

But I think Michael Casey is right (“The Road to Eternal Life”) about needing to be careful not to let routine dull our realities. To take moments where our routines break or change to check in with God … to look beyond what is immediate and familiar … to search for something more.

Searchers go beyond the familiar. They refuse to be scared off by change. They ask, Why is this different? How might it be good?

If you find yourself stuck in a dull routine and habit, perhaps you need to look for a break. Check in with God … and ask yourself if you’re being called to something new.  Might it be religious life?

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3 thoughts on “Not letting routine dull our realities

  1. cherry schwulst

    I now live in the dominican republic but used to live in bloomington, illinois. I am wondering about sr audrey cleary?


  2. Sister Audrey has dementia, Cherry. She seems happy and comfortable. But her memory is completely gone. Blessings to you.


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