Do Something Different, Do Something New

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

lst Reading Acts 6:8-15; 2nd Reading Rev 5:11-14; Gospel John 21:1-19

The Gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Easter is wonderful, all of it. But let’s focus on one line in particular. The disciples had spent the whole night fishing, to no avail. At dawn they saw a man standing on shore. Although they didn’t recognize the man as Jesus, they did what he advised them: “Cast the net on the other side of the boat.” They caught more fish than they could easily drag to shore.

What did Jesus really tell them? What is he telling us? To “do something new.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Jesus calls us to be open to change, to growth. “Do something different, do something new.” Don’t be discouraged if it appears you are failing. Isn’t this what the Resurrection is all about? Are we not called to be someone new, to put aside our “old self,” to really act like we are loved by God?

As members of the body of Christ, we must do as the head of the body does. Do something new: Begin to love the one we are afraid of, the person we avoid, the person we think does not like us. Begin to live and love out loud. Begin to “be not afraid.”

Let’s not forget our Lenten lessons, where we let go of our past hurts, our grudges, our imaginative feelings of being on the “outside.” Let’s put down our barriers and guards.

Let’s hear Jesus say to us, “Put down your nets on the other side.”

·     If we really believe in the resurrection, we too, will arise as new persons. Do we approach people with new life, new ideas, cheerfulness, optimism and hope?
·     Who in our circle of acquaintances needs our friendship, attention and special concern?
·     Will going to the “other side of the boat” open our eyes to new experiences and to a “bigger catch”?

2 thoughts on “Do Something Different, Do Something New

  1. Hi S. Catherine,
    I like your photo of the fiddle head fern! And I also appreciate the way you write your reflections on Scripture, very nice. I just recently started a blog in wordpress; maybe sometimes you can give me some tips on how to work the blog.


  2. S. VIrginia,
    How good of you to respond and to let me know you liked the reflections. Sorry but I have no other tips than to pray the Scriptures for the day, ponder them, read again, pray and ponder again and then call on the Holy Spirit. I really like doing these but time is quite limited as I do a lot of Spiritual Direction for folks in the area.
    If you are near, come to see us. We just moved here in 2001; having moved from Nauvoo Il where we where for 130 years! We are a small community of 45 or so. Let me hear from you.
    Blessings and with great gratitude,


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