Being Flooded with God's Presence and Light

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

There is hope in all the readings for today’s Eucharist (Gen 15:512, 17-18;  Phil 3:17-4:1; Gospel Lk 9:28-36).

The basis of our hope extends beyond our vision, even beyond our life here. To live here we are obliged to see the hereafter!

In the first reading, the “flaming torch” expresses the wonder and mystery of God’s promises and Abraham’s hopes at the center of this one life between them. Next, Paul reminds us that our citizenship is in heaven and from it we also await a savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel, Jesus’ transfiguration gives still another glimmer of hope and light. The disciples – Peter, James and John – are given a new awareness of the divine presence in them, in Jesus and in all creation. Being led apart, and in silence, their senses, minds and spirits are flooded with the glory imparted from Jesus.

This liturgy gives us hope; hope that the glory of Jesus can be passed on to us. Through our fasting, almsgiving and prayer, the flood gates of Jesus’ glory can pass into us, bypassing our senses and minds. Our spirits can be flooded with God’s presence and beauty!

Ways to Respond to the Word:

1) Beginning  week 2 of Lent, we may find our resolutions a bit TOO stringent. Let us pray that we discern objectively: are we being tempted like Jesus? Or indeed do our resolutions need trimming?

2) Today’s liturgy gives us one of the greatest peak experiences of  the Gospel. Do we recognize God’s presence … light … voice?  Are we being call to contemplative prayer? To prayer at another level?

3) As  we  go to a place apart, and in silent prayer, may our hearts be flooded with with God’s presence and light.

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