The Call to Rejoice … as We Grieve

By Prioress Sister Sandra Brunenn, OSB

We live in a world of contrasts!…This is so apparent today.

On one hand, our country grieves over the horrific loss of life in the mass shooting in Connecticut on Friday;

On the other, the 3rd Sunday’s Scriptures call us to “shout for joy….sing joyfully…be glad and exult with all your heart”!

What shall we do?

Let us each dwell on our response to that question.

I know that for myself 2 things are clear:
–I shall continue to tenderly hold in my heart the pain in our world especially as I come to the Liturgy of the Hours…
–I will name and celebrate God’s loving presence here among us NOW especially as it is revealed in daily acts of care, patience,  and loving concern for one another.

As we move into this final week of preparation for Christmas let us all embrace with tenderness both the darkness and light that surround us, remembering always that the Lord our God is in our midst.

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