Called upon to Believe … and to Act upon our Belief

By Sister Catherine Cleary

In Luke’s gospel this week, I had a new understanding of the Holy Spirit’s words to Mary (and to all of us).

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.” (Lk 1: 35)

Like Mary, we have all been through “annunciations.” Some have brought good news, such as an engagement, a long waited pregnancy, a new position with a raise. Some have brought bad news: an unexpected broken relationship, a  bleak health report, a sudden economic collapse, a pending divorce.

How different our response  would be if, when we receive the good or bad news, we call to mind this gospel passage. Mary trusted in the presence of the Spirit of God. Though perplexed, she trusted the immense love of God. “Be it done to me according to your will.”

The last week of Advent calls us to believe and really act upon our  belief in the loving presence of a tender, comforting God.

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