Unfolding Into What God Calls You to Be

With the beginning of June came thoughts of my great-grandmother’s rose bush. A lush green bush covered with
antique roses. I’ve never known such breath-taking fragrance! This rose bush remained at the house where we grew up.

Once, when I was getting my things together to return to school after an extended vacation, Mother waited for the rest of the family to say their goodbyes. She had something more for me than a hug and a kiss. Mother handed me a rose bud from that wonderful bush. Her words were, “Remember you have more unfolding to do.” I knew exactly what she meant. I treasure the thought even to this day.

When I have to struggle with a challenge, I recognize it as another unfolding that may bring great joy. Making decisions or making choices – whether they are difficult or easy, long term or short term – brings an chance for a new beginning.

The decision to answer God’s call to enter the Benedictine Community is a good example. It took prayer,  discernment and time. For me it was a glorious unfolding!

For all this unfolding my heart overflows with gratitude. As I travel along life’s journey, I have hope that God will bring the final unfolding into full bloom.

If you have a feeling God might be calling you to religious life I want to encourage you to pray, discern, and be open to the answer that comes from your heart. This unfolding may be difficult, but ultimately it will reveal great joy! Contact our Vocation Director, Sr. Bobbi, for help. (309) 283-2300 or rbussan@smmsisters.org

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