Nothing Ordinary Here!

Now that Pentecost is over, we have returned to Ordinary Time in the cycle of the Church.  Nothing is ordinary about it, however.  We travel with Jesus as he begins his public ministry of healing, forgiving and preaching the Kingdom of God.  On Pentecost he blesses his disciples with the Spirit that will continue to guide them in their carrying on the ministry of Jesus.  Like Jesus, his disciples are in for a rough time of it.

Jesus gives the Spirit to each of us to provide us with direction, wisdom and courage to be as Jesus calls us to be in the world today.  Every day I see the Spirit in my life as I am able to tackle the challenges before me or just find meaning in each day and its experience.   Finding meaning in ordinary time, you could say.

I talked to two young woman who are discerning what God is calling them to in their life.  Both are nudged to consider religious life.  One woman is at the beginning of her discernment and the other is sure of her direction but just not sure what community is for her.  Both recognize and rely on the Spirit to give them insight and wisdom as to what path they should follow.  One woman is nearby and can come visit as often as she is able.  The other is in Texas and will come for two weeks later in the summer.  They are living in ordinary time, ordinary lives that have been touched by God’s Spirit.   Pentecost assures them, and all of us, that the Spirit will lead us as we need if we remain open to it and to discerning the meaning in our experiences.

Are you listening to the Spirit in your everyday life?

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