As the Fog Lifts…

The other morning I awakened to see a dense fog. Then I realized we were completely surrounded by it. Sometimes I have wondered how it would feel to be in the clouds, now I could have the experience.

I contemplated the sight and silence of this wonder. I could see nothing though I knew something was there.  Gradually a nearby tree began to appear, and then another. Next some flowers farther away, and then the lake. Finally the green of the trees beyond that bordered the lake and slowly the trees themselves completed the picture.

It occurred to me that this was like having a thought in my mind and a feeling in my heart that I couldn’t quite identify. A nudging, perhaps.

There seemed to be too many distractions and not enough time to think the hazy thought through, or to realize just why the feeling stayed with me. Gradually events, experiences and friends helped me to see “the light.” Thought and feeling became clear.

Discernment was the final step, helping me arrive at a decision. It meant accepting and embracing the deepest desire of my heart.

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