Upon the Mountaintop … and After

2nd Sunday of Lent – Matthew 7:1-9  – The Transfiguration of Jesus

By Sr. Ruth Ksycki

In a commentary on this gospel, Barbara Reid, a professor at Catholic Theological Union,  writes:  “On the mountaintop Jesus is able to see with God’s own vision the way forward in faithfulness.”  In speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King she says:  “God’s transformative love radiates through a face determined to love no matter what the other’s response.”

Have you ever had a “mountaintop” experience?  One that gave you a glimpse of the awesome mystery of God?   Some of the ones that have brought me in touch with this mystery are:  the sunrise on a lake, awareness of the awesomeness of God in prayer, a piece of music played or sung, watching a mother or father tenderly hug their child, the smile of another as you walk into a room.  These simple encounters gave me a glimpse of God’s awesome love.  I was forever changed in the depths of my heart, even though the experience was only momentary.

It is true that one comes down from the mountaintop, but the experiences draws one forward in steadfast faith and a renewed spirit of hope.  The gift must be shared with others.

There are those who say that religious life is dying.  Maybe so, but the apostles thought this was true after Jesus’ death and look what happened!  My community lives ever anew in the mystery of God’s love without knowing the details of how it will unfold.  And we walk forward with steadfast faith.  I challenge you to come and walk with us!

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