The Feast of St. Benedict

Today as we celebrate the Feast of St. Benedict and remember his death, I had to return to my Rome experience of last May and June.  That 6 weeks in Rome and traveling to all of St. Benedict’s sites makes everything come alive for me today.  The reading at the Vigil was of Benedict’s death and the image of his monk brothers holding him up.  In the garden courtyard at Monte Cassino is a bold statue depicting that scene.  Nothing speaks more to me of Benedict’s teachings on community and the common life than that statue.

I have included a few pictures of Norcia, Rome, Subiaco and Monte Cassino where Benedict lived and founded his communities.  Enjoy a small glimpse at his life! Top to Bottom: Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia on the home where St. Benedict lived; The Cell where St. Benedict lived when studying in Rome; Cave where St. Benedict lived at Subiaco; Monte Cassino where St. Benedict lived the last 20 years and is buried; Tomb of St. Benedict at Monte Cassino; Statue at Monte Cassino depicting his brothers holding him up when he died.

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