Facing Down the Obstacles that Stifle Spiritual Life

Every year Lent begins with the Sunday readings around the temptations to Jesus when he was in the desert. Every year it remains a powerful passage for reflection. All week, since last Sunday, it has tossed around in my thoughts and prayer.

Jesus’ time in the desert was the conversion experience that led to His acceptance of God’s Will in His upcoming passion and death. For me the temptations are about Jesus’ grappling with those things that can impede His faithfulness to God’s Will. It is about facing down our ‘demons’ and trusting in God’s working in our life. I daresay we all have our ‘demons’ that haunt us..or those obstacles that stifle our spiritual life.  We get tangled in our limitations and let doubts take charge. We get tangled in our wants and let them overshadow what God is needing of us. We get tangled in our voice and miss God’s speaking to us.

Temptations, demons and our limitations don’t go away. Not even the most devout Lenten practices can erase or prevent them. For me it is not about erasing my life experiences but learning, over and over again, the reliance on God and prayer are the way to rise above all things. As the psalmist proclaims, “a steadfast spirit give to me, O Lord.”

Lent continues to unfold as that time in my life to proclaim my steadfastness to God, trusting that in all things, God will guide me.  All we need to do is Seek God.

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