Our Benedictine Community Prayer

This morning as I prepared to pray Morning Prayer with the Community I invited all the peoples of the world to gather to give glory and praise to God.   I thought of all monastics, of East and West, and those who were suffering or dying, the grieving, the oppressed, and all people. In my mind and heart I seemed to see them gathered together with more and more joining, warriors putting down their weapons,  people putting aside what they were doing; all coming. Then it seemed that Jesus was in our midst.  Jesus, the Christ, lifting us up, making us one. We pray through Him, with Him, and in Him, all glory and praise to God the Father.

I invite you to join us in spirit or otherwise if you would like to pray with us.  We pray morning, noon, and evening everyday, and some days later again in the evening.  Let us know if you have questions or comments.

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