Pondering the Questions

As we continue our Lenten experience, the Scripture readings at Eucharist prepare us for the coming Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus talks to the disciples about what will happen to Him. He wants them to ponder all He has taught them over the years together so they have a basis for teaching others when He is no longer present.

In this way, I think Lent is like discernment journey for the disciples. They reflect on the importance of major events in their relationship with Him. I encourage you to reflect similarly on these questions.

What are some of the major events of your life?  How have they changed you?

How has God or Jesus been active in your life through these major events?  What are the teachings of Jesus you have learned from these experiences?

These are important questions to spend some time and prayer on. Your reflection may shed light on how you see your life being called to follow God and the teachings of Jesus.

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