Pursuing Our Dreams, Bearing Our Gifts

Today we celebrate one of the Church’s most beautiful feasts, Epiphany. Can you imagine the three wise men traveling to find Jesus and give him their gifts? The drama of their journey in evading Herod and those working against them, their faith and determination to find Jesus and, finally, being saved by the Star. What a dramatic story!

I think of the wise men as symbolic of each of us. They came bearing gifts to acknowledge the birth of their Messiah and to acknowledge God with them in Jesus. They were bold men at a time when many odds were against them and Jesus. We are are wise men and women too. We have gifts to share with Jesus and do acknowledge God With Us in Jesus.

We must be bold in our faith and determination too. We must pursue our dreams, follow our Star and be lead to Jesus. We have gifts to share with Jesus as well as all God’s people. For Epiphany prayer I encourage you to take time to reflect on those gifts you want to give Jesus. They may not be gold, incense and myrrh but they are as precious as gold, as glorifying of God as incense and as rich as myrrh. What are your gifts?  What do you want to give to the Lord? What gifts are you given to share in the Name of Jesus? Where is your Star leading your life? How does this relate to your discernment journey?

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