Christmas Light

Advent is the Season of Promise leading to the Season of Light. The morning readings on the last day of Advent richly reflect the Promise we have inherited throughout the ages. By evening at our Christmas Vigil we are delighting in the reading of Jesus’ Birth.

Isn’t that how life is?  We awake each day to the Promise of Christ present in our life, our decisions, our sadness, our joys and our challenges. By evening as we ready for sleep we can rejoice in the Christ who came in the many parts of our day. It is the cycle in life that gives Life its meaning.

May you know the Promise of God With Us will enrich us more deeply with Christ’s Light guiding our path.  Suring this Season of Light, do not be afraid to call upon Christ to shed His LIght brightly so you can see the way He leads you. Don’t hesitate to call on Christ – to trust in Christ – and to know His Wisdom will guide you.

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