Growing into a Tree of Prayer

Tree of Prayer

Jesus often used images in His teaching to create profound messages. A recent Gospel, for example, used the image of a small mustard seed growing into a sturdy tree. How amazing that from a small kernel grows a large tree! Metaphorically, most of us would have our doubts that something meaningful could come from something so small. 

Yet,  Jesus continually reminds us, through His actions, that anything is possible. Take the apostles. Once  fishermen, tax collectors and everyday people, they grew strong, bold, courageous and influential under his guidance.

Likewise, Jesus gave everyday experiences profound meaning. It could be curing a small child, healing a blind man, talking to one single woman by the water and changing peoples’ lives one small step at a time.

Our own lives begin as small kernels and seeds. Through Jesus, we can grow strong, faithful, courageous and bold. We everyday people can grow into disciples!

In discernment it is important to note that what may seem insignificant to you is not in God’s eyes.  Your gifts, your desire, your vision may seem like small and insignificant parts of you, but with God’s love big things can happen. Indeed, such small seeds make a huge difference in religious life. You might consider that a religious community is a collection of small seeds that grow into a tree of prayer, work and community. What a difference we can make together.

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