God, the Creative Composer

musical notes

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the Quad City Symphony concert. It was a bold concert, featuring the work of Peter Tchaikovsky. Listening to the many instruments blending together to create the whole work, I thought of God’s work creating each of us.

Like a creative composer, God entwines many movements to bring our lives to this very moment. It is a softness of the strings, the brazen brass, the deep tuba, the breeze of the woodwinds that bring a symphony to life. It is the soft, bold and deep experiences of our lives that lead to God.

Think of discernment as your personal symphony. Sit back and  listen to the many different strands of experiences that have blended together to create YOU.

I fondly recall a college course I took on music. The final exam was in the symphony hall, listening to a recording of a classical piece, and having to identify each instrument and movement. Similarly, discernment is about identifying God’s music in your life. It’s about how your symphony has been arranged and how the many instruments bring God’s movements within you to fruition. Although we are all unfinished symphonies, discernment can help us see more closely the whole work … and where we belong.

2 thoughts on “God, the Creative Composer

  1. Maybe that’s why I cannot figure out where God is calling me…I have no musical ability 🙂


  2. Hi Angie,

    While you might not have musical ability = don’t be too worried. God plays the music and we listen!!! Besides you are learning many of your gifts and defining the area of work you really want to be doing. Your recent move to Portland for a new job is one more step following the music of your symphony. Plus, leaving your last job also defined your morals and what you would or wouldn’t tolerate in your work. Again, another movement from God to learn and growth from.
    We miss you here, of course. And always trust that God is taking you on the right path to find the full symphony. Love you. Hi to JJ.


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