Keeping the Sabbath

Honour the wisdom of dormancy. Know that when you aren’t doing something that is productive, you are giving your soul the time and space it needs to quietly take in the nutrients it requires to remain productive. Buy a rocking chair and sit in it regularly, not thinking, not praying, not talking to a friend, just sitting, your soul a fallow field that is quietly waiting. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

This week my soul has been caught up in the whirlwind of “busyness,” with no time for the kind of quiet that is needed to seek God. Can you relate? Events have been out of my control. Projects have been piling up, while my calendar fills to overflowing. Even as a Monastic woman committed to a balanced life of prayer, community and ministry, I can find myself in a whirl with my priorities mixed up.

Discernment is often interrupted by the kind of busyness that undermines our contemplation and prayer time. I have talked to many women who find this it can knock them off course from their desire for religious life.

We must learn in discernment and in life to take a deep breath and keep, as Rolheiser urges, the Sabbath. We must find minutes, hours or days of quiet where we break away from our daily lives to rest, breathe deeply, pray and call upon God to quiet our lives so we can hear God more clearly.

For all of us discerning and seeking God, we must take a deep breathe every day, invite God in, ask for help to control what we can in our lives, and get in touch with the God within who is leading us. Our decisions are too serious to let them just happen, aren’t they?

If you feel like you are getting knocked off course in your discernment, take a deep breath and keep the Sabbath. And consider contacting me to talk about getting a handle on God’s desire for you … before your busyness takes over for good.

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