In a Fog?

Fall scene overlooking the Mississippi River

This morning as I walked outside on the Monastery patio overlooking the lake before Vespers, I was in awe. The lake was still, hardly a stir, and the fog hugged close to the surface. It was breathtaking.

As I went upstairs to join the Sisters at Lauds (Morning Prayer), the sun began to lighten the darkness ever so subtly. By the time Eucharist began about an hour later, the sun was brilliant, the lake was calm and the fog was gone until another morning. The fall colors vibrated through the woods surrounding our Chapel. Clarity!

It seems to me the issues surrounding our discernment may be as the fog hovering over our inner self. It hugs our heart, thoughts and emotions. In that deep stillness our prayer, our thoughts and our reflections hover.

Like the morning fog hugging the lake, our questions eventually lift, allowing us to breathe and get our perspective. The sun – Son – comes slowly but surely into our lives to help us find the clarity we need.

Enjoy autumn, enjoy discernment – take time to be with the stillness that comes each morning. God is there for you.

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