Christ's Beat Goes On…

Benedictine Sisters pray together in chapel Jesus set the tone and rhythm for life in the monastery, as we see in the Gospels again and again. First, he would preach to the crowd and then perform a healing.  Once the healing was complete, Jesus would go to “a place of quiet to pray.”  One recent morning during Eucharist when Fr. Dick read this Gospel from St. Luke, the song “The Beat Goes On” played in my head.

Jesus created a rhythm of work and prayer. Throughout the Gospels, he heals, forgives, works miracles and then retreats to a quiet place to pray.  In our Benedicitine lives we embrace Benedict’s teaching about balancing work and prayer.  The Rule clearly outlines a structure and rhythm in monastic life. Like Jesus we work and we pray. This daily rhythm sets us apart from apostolic, or active, communities.  It is our Benedictine focus and foundation. Like Jesus we need our quiet and like Benedict, we need our communal prayer time.

Our monastic life has a great ‘beat’ and a wonderful rhythm that is essential to Benedictine community.  Come see for yourself!

One thought on “Christ's Beat Goes On…

  1. It’s a Heartbeat!


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