Stay Connected!!

I am still having computer glitches, so I have another laptop with me in Dubuque, Iowa for a meeting. I have had trouble staying connected, however, and being unconnected is not a pretty “site”! It is essential to stay connected – yes, via the web, but more important, by any means.

Discernment is about recognizing connections and maintaining relationships to discover more about your hopes and dreams.  You must stay connected to God through prayer, of course, but it’s also important to stay connected with a particular community, vocation director or community member.  Nancy makes that point quite well in her reply a couple of days ago.

Nancy had connected with several communities and that made the difference in her discernment.  She and I kept up conversation, sharing and arranging visits – all helpful in her discernment.  While God leads us in the right direction, we need to take hold of the opportunity God lays before us. Nancy is just one example of connectedness as a vital and essential tool in discernment.

Staying connected with women who are in discernment is vital to me.  I hope I can be a conduit for God’s presence in your discernment.

Today – reflect on your connectedness. How is it with God these days?  What is God saying through your connection? How is it with your discernment and  who might you need to connect with? Go for it … and stay connected!!

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