Prayerful Rest of "Computer Minds"

This week was most frustrating with my laptop.  Basically, the hard drive is full and can’t handle any more information.  When that happens it leads to a very lethargic computer that doesn’t process many commands, including Save, Print, etc.  In the midst of my very busy week it  was not helpful!

This week I received an email from a woman who has been on our inquirer list for over a year.  She receives our monthly STEPS email.  After our August email she decided it was time to contact me.  She has been thinking about religious life and was full of information and decided it was time to take a further step.

Isn’t it true that we can only retain so much information before our minds begin to get unfocused, overwhelmed and maybe even shut down?  When that happens to me it means I must sit down and compile all my information into a to do list or make notes.  Okay, it often results in a long nap too! I simply have to organize the information to make it manageable and address the essentials.  Take a deep breath and reassure myself I can only do so much in a day.

The point being we get to a place where we are over-saturated and need to clear out some files, pursue some ‘to do’ item or rest and let God bring to the foreground what our next step is.

Discernment is no different.  An important aspect is to gather information and experiences about the choices you are considering.  There is a point when we get enough, though; something we just seem to know at the time.  Then it is time to let God work in us through prayer and attention to God.  There is a time to organize our information, narrow some choices and maybe write a ‘pro and con’ list.  Often, a decision to explore a particular community surfaces.

Basically, we all have computer minds.  Even the smartest laptop needs to rest and reset. Let prayerful rest guide our decisions, and let God filter through our experiences.  Let’s Save, Delete, and Print under God’s guidance.

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