A New Calling

God’s Calling is a fabulous experience.  I am learning that God doesn’t just ring once!  When we accept a foundational call to Baptism, many options become alive in our life.  Many choices must be made as we live out our Baptism.   Then a second call comes alive when we choose the path we will pursue God along: married life, religious life, priesthood, single life, etc.  That is huge, of course, and requires many a prayer and reflection.

Actually, there may be many calls from God.  These may consist of call to raise a family, take a particular job, get more involved in Church, face a difficult challenge and others.  Our foundation is in Baptism and our vocation is how we live out our fundamental call of Baptism.

I have been writing this blog for nearly 2 years and today we were able to kick it up to its own page.  It is very exciting and i am looking forward to this new side of my ministry as vocation director.  My purpose is to be with women who are discerning their call to religious life.  Many, many questions arise in such a journey and I welcome them.  Many, many prayers are needed during discernment and I will say mine for you.  Many, many thoughts surface in such a serious time and I welcome you to share them.  August 2, 1982, was my Final Monastic Profession and so I have many rich years of experiences I am thrilled to share with you.  Just ask, just write and just know God is leading the Way. �

One thought on “A New Calling

  1. Nancy Offenhiser

    Thank you Sr. Bobbi for this beautiful new Blog space! Thank you also to Susan F. It’s terrific!

    The previous Chat and now this blog have been so helpful to me in my Discernment Journey. Many of my friends who are not Cathlolic think that when you wish to enter a Monastery or Order, you just knock on the door and give it a try! However, in this day and age this is not the case. Time, in my opinion, must be given to sift and sort, but mostly listen to where we can be used in the best service.

    I think also spending time with the communities that one is looking at is very important. One needs time to relax, and see how things are…

    I am very blessed to be a small part of the Saint Mary Monastery family. I can honestly say it has been the most exciting, most enriching journey that I have ever been on. Whether a person is discerning to be a Sister, an Oblate, or is a Person on retreat, Saint Mary’s is a Holy place that will touch your heart deeply, and in a very special way.


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