Dancing in the Rain … with our Sisters and God

dance-in-rain-for-blogBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“If we take it for granted that storms will come and that at various junctures in our lives we will experience real hardship, then we can prepare ourselves to endure what comes and be ready to bounce back at the first opportunity … Storms do not last forever and even in the worst storms there are interludes of respite that enable us to catch our breath and continue the struggle.” Michael Casey, The Road to Eternal Life Continue Reading

Introducing your new Benedictine vocation director!

Benedictine Sisters Jackie Walsh Claudia Scharf Catherine Cleary Susan Hutchens (piano) Stefanie MacDonald at LaudsYou may recognize Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB (far right) from past stories and photos. She entered in 2007 and has kept a blog for the past few years about her adorable preschoolers.

Beginning this August, she has agreed to take over vocation ministry, so she will be your Benedictine guide.

You’ll love her openness, humor, gentleness and willingness to be there for you. Here’s your first chance to get to know her a bit! Continue Reading

Off Track in Prayer? Join the Crowd!

candle and bibleBy Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“Prayer … is a practice of attention, of attentiveness, an attitude of receptiveness to God’s sustaining presences.” Martin Poulsom, SDB

Reading a paper by Poulsom yesterday made me ask myself how I am coming to prayer. Am I paying attention? Am I coming to pray with an open heart, mind and soul?

I admit sometimes I’m off track. My own worries and distractions can undermine my attentiveness and receptiveness. Continue Reading

Labor Day Vocation Retreat for 22- to 50-Year-Old Single Catholic Women

Register now for this informative and inspiring Labor Day Weekend Retreat

Have you ever wondered what makes an apostolic community different from a monastic community?

Come learn about the range of different Catholic Sisters’ communities located along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois. Continue Reading

St. Mary Monastery … A Life to Come Home To

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Welcome to my home … and to Sister Jackie’s and Sister Mary Jane’s and Sister Claudia’s and Sister Sheila’s home, too!

It belongs to all of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery. We have chosen to make our life here, with our shared prayer and purpose.

We have chosen to seek God together.

We welcome you to learn more … to discern whether your call might bring you here, to seek God with us. Contact us anytime!

Once we heed the call …

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Are you discerning? Although I’ve found my home, this quote from Michael Casey, OSB, still resonates for me:

“The Lord’s call to follow him has an effect on us similar to that which it had on the first disciples. Once we heed the call, we willingly leave behind whatever we are doing and walk with him, wherever he goes. We are not dragging our feet, but walking and running, full of happiness to be called.”

Let’s talk when you have time!


Sister Stefanie