Returning Home: Random Thoughts from a Traveler

As I was flying home from Rome I happened to look at the in flight map of real time flight path.  Ironically, it was over the ocean and about half way between Rome and Chicago.  For that brief moment I was literally between two worlds!

It took a couple of days to regulate my sleep and work patterns and attend to some immediate work details.  Then I went to Galena to catch up with my mom, sister and a bunch of cousins who had been ‘traveling’ with me via the blog and emails. It will take a while for me to catch up, so to speak, with myself and all the experiences I had, as well as sort thorough 1,200 pictures. It will be great to do though.

On another note, our Vocation Ministry lost a very close friend with the death of our Sr. Marilyn Hettinger. She often send me a kind note about my efforts to share our Benedictine way of life with discerning women. She was very complimentary of the women who entered. Sr. Marilyn also contributed to this blog with her poetic insights and expressions.

I thought of her yesterday at Eucharist, when the priest, Fr. Nemo from Africa, took the Gospel reading for the day – about the rich harvest with few laborers – and reflected on the need for religious vocations to further the Word of God and spread the Message of Jesus. As he spoke I thought about Sr. Marilyn’s support. I have the distinct feeling that she is still about praying for more laborers and that, in heaven, she will continue to be a supportive presence to our vocation ministry. I shall miss her kindness and true interest in vocations … but will be glad of her continued prayers!

One thought on “Returning Home: Random Thoughts from a Traveler

  1. I was pleased to see the lovely memory of Sr Marilyn Hettinger. I have found out this week that she is a cousin to my family. As a young teenager, I had gone through a period of deep consideration for the religeous life, and even though I was not led in that direction, I sincerely hope that my youngest son will hear and answer a call.

    Many hear the call, yet are distracted by modern life. I listened for the call, but was told there was another task for me. I did not understand what it was at the time, but now I see there was a need for me in the civilian world.

    Bless you and your Sisters for the work you do.



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