Fire in Our Hearts by Sr. Ruth Ksycki

In this Sunday’s readings we hear about the call of Moses and how God’s presence was revealed in the “burning bush.” God cautioned Moses to tread lightly and reverently for he was on “holy ground” in God’s presence. The “burning bush” was God’s intense love for us. We also hear Jesus tell the parable of the fig tree. The owner wanted to cut it down, but the gardener pleaded to be given a chance to cultivate and fertilize it so that it might bear fruit.
Both of these readings talk about being grounded , being grounded in the Lord. As humans our feet are on this earth, but as God’s beloved ones we are given the “fire” of God’s love. How like Jesus we are then – walking on this earth, holy ground, in God’s presence our hearts on fire!
O, how easily I forget this wondrous calling and trod more heavily doing what feeds my ego – my false self. How often I am pulled to want more possessions, more esteem, and more power. How weak I am and resist planting my feet on holy ground once again. But, God the faithful gardener is patient and merciful with me.
May I truly walk on this earth as Jesus did this Lent – lightly in God’s presence – my heart on fire as the “burning bush.”

2 thoughts on “Fire in Our Hearts by Sr. Ruth Ksycki

  1. Today’s mass was a great reminder of last year. It didn’t seem that Easter would come fast last year.


  2. Lent can be a loooong journey, Pam. It is going more quickly this year for me too.


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