Rooted Here, Rooted Now: What Our Benedictine Monastic Promises Mean

Sister Stefanie MacDonald signs her monastic promises during a simple but beautiful ceremony in our chapel during her first monastic profession.

One of the differences between apostolic communities (like the Franciscans and Dominicans) and Benedictine monastic communities is our vows. In fact, we don’t actually make “vows.” We make promises. It’s more than a word difference!

Our promises underscore our commitment to each other, as Sisters of St. Benedict. They underscore our commitment to seeking God together. They underscore our commitment to be faithful for life. Continue Reading

Demand Your Personal Experience of Christ!

holy-ghost-churchBy Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

As a Benedictine Sister, I usually join my own community for Eucharist. But while visiting my family in Dubuque over the weekend, we went to Mass at my home parish where we enjoyed a different take on the Thomas story.

Instead of the usual talk about his doubting – and don’t get me wrong, it is important to reflect on that – we heard a reflection on Thomas’ need for a personal experience. Continue Reading